Level 1: Enrollment Mastery INSTANT ACCESS

Level 1: Enrollment Mastery INSTANT ACCESS

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Satisfaction Guaranteed. If you do all the exercises, you will make more than your money back by selling your program.

Imagine Selling 12 Seats in Only Two Days!

Veronica did and you can too...


High-Ticket Sales Takes a Special Kind of Conversation.

ENROLLMENT MASTERY shows you how to have that conversation.

With the the 6 Savvy Secrets of High-Ticket Sales,

Selling Like a Superstar is as easy as...

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7 videos that average 10 minutes.

Odoo - Sample 2 for three columns

3 questions per video is all you need.


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Use your script in a consultation and close the deal. 

This 7 Module Video Course with Workbook and Quizzes

Also includes:

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A Customizable Discovery Session Workbook

A downloadable workbook to support your exercises and customize your Discovery Session Questions.

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A Master of Enrollment Badge

A High Resolution Badge to highlight your qualifications.

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A Certificate of Accreditation

A Completion Certificate authenticating  your competence in the field of High-Ticket sales to print out, add to your resume and put on display.

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Always say the right things with our Personalized Sales Script Generator

You will always be prepared with the right questions with your Custom Enrollment Scripts in hand. Create and download as many scripts as you can think of for every kind of client you want to serve. 

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Get tons of perfect candidates with
the Campaign Secrets Playbook

Worried about where you will find new clients to sell your program to?

Empowered with the top 12 campaign and sales formulas, you will be able to get all of the perfect clients coming to you!!!

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Get your words dialed in a 40-minute script sharpening coaching call with one of our expert copy coaches.

The biggest factor that keeps buyers from completing courses is the lack of support.

We are here to support your success. So you will also get access to our weekly Enrollment Mastery Live Coaching Call.

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 Practice and Collaborate

 You're not doing this all alone... 
We do our best to automate your progression through the course but we know how important it is to have a real community of like-minded creators and guidance.

So, with your ACADEMY membership, you will gain access to the ENTERPRISE ACADEMY MEMBERS discussion group so you can connect with other Entrepreneurs who understand you and collaborate with them because they are in the same conversation you are. 

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When 9 out of 10 candidates buy,
life can never be the same!

Without the essential life-skill of conversational sales you are doomed to a life of earning low wages and wishful thinking. I don't know if you can sit with that but we can't! 

Once you have watched the short video trainings your perspective on business and relationships will be refreshed and with the enrollment scripts and campaign formulas you will be able to create predictable income goals and reach them with ease. (Avg. of 3 clients at $2,000 each = $6,000 every month to start.)

In other words, you will be able to be your own boss so you can write your own paycheck, which means you will be able to live the lifestyle of your choice!


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Sales is the Gift That Keeps on Giving!

Sales is a life skill that will guarantee that you can make money anywhere, anytime, any place, online or off.

You owe it to yourself to be a member of the ENTERPRISE ACADEMY because with that membership you have everything you need to build your coaching empire, all in one place.



  So your business can boldly go
where no business has gone before!